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    I’d like to think we also have the option to keep our baby and be his or her mother. I don’t like to lump abortion into the same basket as adoption, that’s just how I feel about it. For me it wasn’t going to be an option, I felt too much protective energy for my daughter. I’d rather see better welfare systems set up, affordable childcare, making the fathers have to pay properly and changing attitudes to young mothers. I feel like abortion is a band aid solution to unplanned pregnancy. I hate to see a woman have to go through that as well. Of course it should always be available but my first choice would be to stop making it so difficult for women to be mothers.

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    Sorry to be so long in replying to your post – I screwed up my email alerts system. I agree that making it financially possible for women to welcome an unplanned child into their lives without sacrificing future career options would be better all round.

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