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5 responses to “Babies, black dogs and benefits”

  1. morgan

    The financial and personal space issues make it hardly surprising. It puts this US court case in perspective, too.

    Thanks for the Paddy’s Day wishes, btw, hope you enjoyed your Guinness.

  2. tigtog

    It will be interesting to see how that US court case turns out: I suspect that the court will come down on the side that a father cannot sever parental rights to a born child any more than a woman can, short of both agreeing to relinquish the child for adoption.

    His argument that a woman can decide to end a pregnancy and thus her financial responsibility for her child so why can’t a man do the same is irrelevant to responsibility for a born child. The biological fact that women actually hold the final veto power on pregnancy does not constitute discrimination against men.

    The State has an interest in ensuring that estranged fathers pay as much support for their children as possible simply to lessen the taxpayer burden. When a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy the State does not have to support that child, if a man attempts to forgo child support the State has to step in.

    Dubay and his sympathisers simply will not find as much support from legislators once this has been driven home as they are expecting, no matter how much the wingnut pollies want to punish sluts.

  3. tigtog

    And the Guinness was lovely – I must have it more often.

  4. morgan

    Yeah, I think Dubay is screwed :)

    The idea of him being able to forego responsibility for his actions would be unbelievable given the financial cost to the State, but also ethically. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  5. tigtog

    Twisty’s current post has better answers and comments on the Dubay suit than I can manage today. *sniffle* *head-cold*

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