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  1. morgan
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    So long as the discovery of a genetic cause doesn’t start a process of genetic testing and abortions.

    This is becoming a big issue for people with other genetic, but non-life threatening, conditions.

  2. morgan
    morgan at |

    Ah, I finished reading your post, and you make the same point. Apologies for pointing out the obvious :/

  3. Dick Dalton
    Dick Dalton at |

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    I have mixed feelings about an “Autism Pride” type of movement. I think when kids are young, we should do everything possible to teach them how to interract and get along with the rest of the (NT) world. But once the person is a teenager, if they want to differentiate that way I’m okay with it.

    More of us are probably on the spectrum than we know or realize.


  4. tigtog
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    My kids are preteen, so that’s probably why I’m feeling that way now. When they were younger of course I wanted them to appear as NT as possible, because I wanted them to have friends and learn stuff at school.

    Unfortunately I found our local Autistic groups not my kind of people because of the emphasis on autistic children as defective, a burden that had to be managed – it was so depressing. I think that’s a problem.

  5. Do'C
    Do'C at |

    Hi, Thank you for the kind words about my blog as well! I thought Dick’s recent post at the meeting of the skeptics cirlce really says it all. It’s so motivating to know that there is not necessarily a sucker born EVERY minute.

  6. tigtog
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    Nice of you to drop by, Dad of Cameron.

    As a species, we’re very susceptible to magical thinking – I used to see it all the time with relatives when I was doing neuro rehab as a physio.

    There’s a snake-oil salesman born every hour, at least.

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