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  1. Vicki
    Vicki at |

    I’ve read Witchy-Woo’s and Heart’s discussion of this, and while I understand it, I have to say that it’s perfectly hidden from the Alas site. (Yes, I went, just to see. But I won’t go back, I promise. Cross my heart.)

    I don’t really see how going to the Alas site drives traffic to the porn sites, and I haven’t found any links to any porn sites from Alas, but I guess I don’t get how a link farm works.

    In any case, making the sale secretly really was underhanded.

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    As I understand it, it’s all about making the porn sites linked to on the farm pages have a higher page-ranking in search engines because they’re associated with the high traffic that the blog pages get. It’s an attempt to manipulate the search engine algorithms.

    Some of the discussion got incoherent, but as I understand it the worst sense of betrayal arises thus: as the discussions on Alas often revolved around the same words people search for in porn, especially of the most violent and misogynistic sort, the blog entries and comments on the most troubling matters actually make the porn sites on the link farm with those themes rank the highest.

    Of course, someone’s reported it now to Google et al so that those pages have been blacklisted as far as the engines go. But because Barry said nothing they got several months of higher page ranking in the search engines. I admire many of the articles he’s written but I find this underhandedness very troubling, thus the de-linking. I particularly wonder how some of his cobloggers who have provided much of the material on the blog for the last six months feel about it.

  3. Laura
    Laura at |

    This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere, no question. Appalling from start to finish.

  4. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Chris has a point in that bloggers are eminently entitled to do whatever they want with their own blog and domain, and that some of the criticism of Barry is most intemperate (particularly from those who say “why didn’t he ask for financial help from us?” when they have been criticising him vociferously for years).

    His readers have no right to demand veto power over his domain. But they are right to feel angry about his secrecy on this issue. Informing his cobloggers and readers was a basic courtesy owed them at least, especially when he knows many are adamantly anti-porn, and he was wrong to not be open about the sale and take the criticism at the time it happened.

  5. Radceratops Horendous
    Radceratops Horendous at |

    Heart has just typed the words “Amptoons Sale” into Google. The Amptoons Review page, “Honest Reviews of Movies, Retailers, Products, and Websites, where all the misogynist, racist, lesbophobic hardcore BangBros, XXX, porn reviews are, came up as result number 11. Not all that ‘hidden’

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