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  1. Laura
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    This worries me somewhat. Mary McCarthy actually loved luxury, elegance, material comfort, good taste and fine craftsmanship – the language she uses here testifies to that – even though she knew all about the destructive and artificial sides to those predilections. Why she’s so fascinating to me is that she doesn’t try to suppress or resolve the tensions inherent in her situation. It’s a bit misleading to quote her selectively and without explanation as if she simply condemned the feminine appetite for nice things.

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    I haven’t actually read McCarthy, but I can see your point.

    It’s her lyrical language usage that most appealed to me in the text quoted, and the quote did seem relevant in the context of Twisty’s thread (which was mainly about not pretending that constructed femininity doesn’t have those destructive and artificial sides).

    Part of the femininity myth is that it is some sort of innate appetite rather than an aesthetic and cultural construct. It’s far from the only aesthetic and cultural construct of human society which has destructive and artificial sides, but it’s definitely the primary construct which many people view as not a construct at all, wherein lies most of the problems with the patriarchy.

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