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4 responses to “Return of the Friday Furry (with bonus ad hoc hoyden!)”

  1. elsewhere

    Love the photo from Bringing Up Baby — it’s one of my favourite screwball comedies.

  2. tigtog

    I can’t give you anything but love, Baby (growl)

  3. MatildaZQ

    The moral of the story – Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D. says don’t wear trousers girls, or you’ll end up like Kate Hepburn!

    I am wearing my pants as hard as I can!

    Maybe I should be wearing MORE pants simultaneously?

  4. Kate

    I have a William Wegman book. I love it. His dogs are well-trained, but then (and I’m biased) gundogs are good dogs to train, they’re smart but realtively obediant and hugely loyal.

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