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  1. kate
    kate at |

    And in Victorian education news:

    The Assemblies of God church have been providing free bbqs and concerts to public schools. A teacher at one school complained about making a concert by a religious organisation compulsory (The Assemblies of God sponsored the tour of the Nubian Gents from the States) and got into trouble for daring to suggest that it was less than appropriate. The Education Act does enshrine secularity after all.

    Except it may as well enshrine the right of FSM supporters to evangelise every Wednesday til the Apocolypse, because the Education Department have washed their hands of the issue, because individual schools decide on extracurricula activities. But if it’s during school time, and it’s compulsory, it’s not really extracurricula is it?

  2. Meg Thornton
    Meg Thornton at |

    Let’s see… I finished school back in 1988. I cannot remember a single year when the theme (chosen by the students) for the rock eisteddfod performance had remained apolitical. Let’s face it, even the notion of what constitutes a “healthy lifestyle” is politicised these days. Politics is something of an interest of young people, because at high school age, you’re starting to learn how the world works, and what your place in it is, and just how damn *powerless* the powers-that-be would like you to think you are.

    As for the notion that the whole thing should be cancelled because the students of one school have one performance which is critical of the policies and similar of a different nation? Absolute and utter over-reaction. What the hell do they think is going to happen? Do they think the Yanks are going to invade if Dubya gets upset about it? First they’d have to find the feckin’ country on a map, and most Yanks find it hard enough to manage finding bloody *Canada*. Besides, I’m *sure* both Messrs Howard *and* Rudd are perfectly capable of fellating the Presnit into a state of benign forgiveness. Or, y’know, Georgy-boy could just not turn up at the performance (if, indeed, he’s planning to head there anyway, which I rather doubt). Show him a koala instead.

    Officially, Australia is a sovereign nation. Officially, the only person outside our own shores we need to worry about is Queen Lizzie the Two, and she’s relatively unshockable anyway. All this fuss over the finer feelings of one boneheaded halfwitted numbskulled over-indulged over-grown two-year-old party boy is just outside of enough.

  3. Meself
    Meself at |

    OMG! 4 David Cassidy’s on stage at once! Be still my heart!

  4. amphibious
    amphibious at |

    Ooops, TigTog – I fear a typo or brainslip

    But if it were cancelled as Shorten suggests,

    Unfortunately, if/when we end up with Krudd gov, will Shorty & co be equally condemnatory & proscriptive of that which no appeal to them?

  5. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Thanks, amphibious – fixed now. I suspect I got too caught up in the “shorter” concept.

  6. Kath
    Kath at |

    I have had a long and close reationship with Davidson High and their dance teacher (who I admire immensely) and have attended many, many ROCK performances. Davo is certainly not the only school to perform political pieces, one school even venturing into the children overboard debate and many other political comments have been made over the years. I don’t know know about anybody else but I send my children to school not only to get an education but to teach and encourage them to think for themselves, unlike some schools that just hand feed their students whom come out little replicas of what they think they should be and who find it hard to then fundtion in a world where they are expected to think for themselves and make their own mind up about things. Davidson has always been one of those schools to provide a balanced education and one in which the kids have their own input into. Their incredible teaching staff have always involved the parents and the kids in this decision making and I for one take my hat off to them – what a fanatstic school and our Ministers and such who are supposedly always harping on about the benefits of a public educaction (while mostly sending their kids to private schools) should for once also take their hats off to a fantastic example of public education – this school has got it right.
    GO DAVO!!!!

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Thanks for commenting, Kath. Good luck to Davo in the finals indeed (as long as they don’t beat us, that is!).

  8. Recovery day at Hoyden About Town
    Recovery day at Hoyden About Town at |

    […] Julie Bishop would have had kittens with all the political commentary aimed at the current regimes of China and the USA, although she probably wouldn’t be worried by the political aspects of the pieces where the Nazis were the villains, or where the Old Garde persecuted Edmund Dantes. Davidson High, who were the focus of so much wingnut opprobrium, put on a terrific performance: you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen a girl in a grey suit and a GW Bush mask twirl the pois with panache (a nice nod to GWB’s past as a college cheerleader, although I doubt he actually had pois). […]

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