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11 responses to “The mantle of Galileo”

  1. Black Knight


  2. tigtog

    You’ll kinow they’re onto you if you start finding lumps of orgonite around the garden, BK.

  3. Black Knight

    Not much chance of me finding it, is there? After all, it’s “difficult to measure with our current technology”.

  4. tigtog

    Need to read more carefully, BK, even when it’s the woo-woo. It’s the actual Orgone that’s difficult to measure, the orgonite is lumps of resin with orgone-amplifying minerals embedded within it. It’s the flecked grey stuff that forms the base of the CT busters and the dolphin balls.

  5. Black Knight

    Gosh, this science stuff is hard, isn’t it?

  6. tigtog

    Apparently they sometimes paint the orgonite with camouflage paint before they chuck it into a bush.

    Gosh, this science stuff is hard, isn’t it?

    I know – if you scientists were’nt properly rewarded with riches, power and astonishingly pneumatic groupies it just wouldn’t be worth it, would it?

  7. Zarquon

    Warning: geek joke.

    Ethereal Dolphins

    But ethereal is now wireshark we’re doooomed.

  8. orlando

    I LOVE that Park quote. I’m going to have it tattooed on… something.

  9. amandaw

    boy do I recognize these types.

    1 – they’re the same types who are apt to hawk their snake oil at sufferers, claiming a cure.

    2 – I was raised in a conspiracy theory family. not just a little off, but like total psychotic break with reality type stuff (and confirmed by medical doctors)… they’d totally buy into all this if they saw it.


  10. amphibious

    My personal favourite is Elaine Morgan’s 1972 groundbreaker “Descent of Woman” a beautifully written, hilarious, erudite and convincing counterblast to the Tarzan theory of human evolution. At first ignored, then derided, then spurned AND ignored (interesting mental gymnastics involved there), then grudgingly acknowledged to be of “some interest”, finally even the Tarzanists (Robert Ardrey, Desmond Morris et al, and whichever Leakey is currently writing – probably on the distaff side) have now included it in their, still blood dripping, macho musings.
    Recently the Santed D Attenborough acknowledged it in one of his glossy series.
    Can’t believe more womem and/or feminists (not synonymous)haven’t clasped this to the hearts & minds.

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