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2 responses to “More “chemtrails” conspiracy theory”

  1. su

    Chemtrail??? Holy cow, have these people never heard of condensation? I guess that means that dew is formed when genetically modified grasses exude mind control substances. Damn that is going to make life difficult.

    I do love the dolphin balls though, just for the name. And the little coils reminded me of an old Pamela Stephenson joke where she hands her daft boyfriend a large industrial spring and says “Can you take my IUD to the garage for a grease and oil change.”

  2. tigtog

    I love the moment when he’s filming a jet making a contrail and the contrail stops forming, and he says sarcastically “Oh, I suppose they just hit a pocket of warm air there then”.

    Well, yes. Why on earth not? Hasn’t this man heard of thermals and air pockets?

    He also seems to think that there are special squads of small white jets that go around dumping “chemtrails” at great expense. The man needs a good pair of binoculars to realise that those “small white jets [that] are the most common dumpers” are just ordinary passenger jets in bright sunlight on these sorts of mornings that are perfect for contrails – they’re just higher up/further away than he thinks they are.

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