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  1. kristi
    kristi at |

    I’ve been meaning to pick up that book. The Mars/Venus categorization has been driving me nuts for years!

  2. Mary Tracy9
    Mary Tracy9 at |

    Deborah is GREAT! I love it that this book is out there!!!

    Not that society will give a damn, but still.

  3. orlando
    orlando at |

    Apart from its glorification of bad communication, one thing that always made me furious about the Mars/Venus slant on the world was the way it created difference where there is none, simply by giving the same behaviours different labels (in elaborate versions of the male anger is anger, female anger is hysteria pattern).

    For instance, it advises that if a woman has a problem it is a mistake for her man to offer a solution, because women don’t want their problems solved, they want to be sympathized with. And if a man has a problem it is a mistake for his woman to offer a solution, because he needs to know that she trusts him to be capable of solving his own problems. OR you might conclude that both women AND men (there should be a word for that, ummm… oh, how about “people”?) don’t like receiving unsolicited advice. But that would just be too simple, wouldn’t it?

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