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9 responses to “Friday Hoyden: Cyndi Lauper”

  1. Unknown Troper

    *hums ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’*
    *realises people are looking and stops*

    Good choice – there are few people that define mid-80s music like Cyndi – Debbie Gibson and Tiffany are others.

    Is there a place to nominate future Friday Hoydens?

  2. tigtog

    You can always drop us an email!

    Edited to add: or just let us know on any Friday Hoyden thread.

  3. Unknown Troper

    Can i nominate 1930s child actress Jane Withers (

    I’m a third generation fan – i caught some of her movies on TV – she’s much more tolerable than Shirley “Tastes like Diabetes” Temple and in a world and society where the female beauty standard is blonde and blue eyes it was nice for this brown haired and brown eyed person to have someone to look up to

  4. Kate Harding

    I still covet Cyndi’s pink dress from the beginning of the GJWTHF video.

    Kate Harding’s last blog post..Guest Blogger Dani: Treehorn Syndrome

  5. tigtog

    Good SMH article [link]. She’s been a wonderful LGBT ally over the years.

  6. Brooklynite

    Kate’s comment about the dress reminded me — I had the lunchbox that Cyndi carries in the Time After Time video, when I was in high school. Let’s see … yup, there it is. This one.

    Brooklynite’s last blog post..Huh.

  7. tigtog

    That’s an awesome lunchbox.

  8. soccer mom in denial

    We took the kids to the True Colors tour last summer, in part to hear Cyndi, Erasure and Blondie/Debbie Harry (my 3-year-old daughter even wore her Tide is High t-shirt). Also got to hear Rufus Wainwright and the Dresden Dolls. Cyndi knows how to throw a party.

    I think it makes a terrific Hoyden theme song.

    soccer mom in denial’s last blog post..Tennessee

  9. Brooklynite

    Isn’t it, tho? I used it as a purse.

    Brooklynite’s last blog post..Mmmmm again.

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