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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. anynom
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    The SP damage control link appears to lead nowhere. There is a google cache:

  2. tigtog
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    Thanks for finding that cache, anynom.

  3. sajbrfem
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    We WANT more WOC. Not a whole lotta proposals come our way, interestingly. Seems to me it would be more effective to inform us about what you’d like to see rather than hating.

    Astonishing. I can’t believe she, a feminist press editor, used the same line I hear all the time from people in male dominated industries–“we want more women, really we do, but for some reason they just don’t submit/apply”.

  4. chops
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    Thanks for that. I really hate those books… (Seal press)

  5. bint alshamsa
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    Thank you for posting their lame-ass response. I can’t believe how awful they had the audacity to behave on Black Amazon’s blog. I’m definitely boycotting their asses. If any of the books they’ve published do interest me, ‘ll sit at the bookstore and read the entire book before I put one cent in their pockets. Ugh!!

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  6. annaham
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    I was *headdesk*-ing all over the place when I first read about this incident.

    There are no words, really.

    annaham’s last blog post..The NYT Still Kind of Sucks, Actually

  7. tigtog
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    The combination of this arsehattery from Seal Press and then the stuff that led to BrownFemiPower taking down her blog makes it a really bad week for people refusing to own their privilege, and how that undermines any claims to ally status, when it’s pointed out to them.

  8. Meg Thornton
    Meg Thornton at |

    I find myself fascinated by the sight of yet another business entity (no matter how small) failing to comprehend the way the nature of business has altered since the coming of the blog. All of a sudden, the traditional “send out a press release to the media” response doesn’t work as well as it used to. Neither does the “come down from the mountain bearing two stone tablets” approach which is beloved of some political types with the journos. Instead, you’re faced with everyday people, who will raise day-to-day issues with you, and who will politely (or impolitely, depending on the location and the person) take your argument to pieces and then ask several pertinent questions regarding issues you’d really rather weren’t discussed.

    It appears to be something of a trend in the more fiction-oriented parts of the web, too. I’m somewhat engaged in the fanfiction writing community, and in the past couple of years, I’ve seen at least three instances of this sort of thing happening around the edges of things. The most notorious, to my mind, was FanLib – a multi-fandom fanfiction archive which marketed itself as attempting to link fanwriters with the creators of the things inspiring the fanwriting. They got themselves into a lot of trouble with the fanfic community on LiveJournal by underestimating their audience (they thought most fanwriters were teen boys, instead they’re usually adult women). The second was LiveJournal itself, which spent most of the past two years going through a “lose friends and influence people to leave” phase, inspired by a highly corporatised manglement. It appears their new Russian overlords aren’t much different. Then there’s groups like the SFWA, which tried to carry out copyright enforcement on an ebook site for a number of authors, not all of whom were on their rolls, or in agreement with the enforcement in the first place (not to mention their committee member who produced a highly publicised stomping of the feet which included the word “technopeasant” and caused all kinds of fun and games). I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by a publishing house joining the fun and games.

    Point being, the intarwebs has changed the way people talk to business, and the ways businesses can communicate with people. The PR reps haven’t quite caught on yet.

    Meg Thornton’s last blog post..Meggy Birfday Loot

  9. tigtog
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    Not related to Seal Press, but on the subject of WOC-blogging, racism and ally-work: Angry Black Woman has called for a Carnival of Allies.

    Should definitely be worth reading. The comments thread is very interesting already.

  10. su
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    Looking forward to that carnival. Reading some more posts about ally work will be really helpful to me.

  11. tigtog
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    I’m pleasantly surprised that they’ve put the post back up, and at least the apology avoids any of that mealy-mouthed “if anyone was offended” crap: Brooke acknowledges the criticism and commentary, owns that she took criticism too personally, and actually links to BA.

    It’s a good start, Seal Books. Keep on listening.

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