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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    it seems to take something that is, or at least could be, “free-as-in-speech love” and turn it into “free-as-in-beer love.”

    YES! Way to many people make this category error when discussing Free Love, especially the Glibertarian Objectivists.

  2. kate
    kate at |

    Maybe I’ll distribute buttons to people so they can let me know if it’s ok (or not) to dong them over the head with a frying pan. I mean, how’s a lady to know otherwise?

    kate’s last blog post..Tuesday-itis

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  6. amandaw
    amandaw at |

    Why should I have to *do* something to indicate that I DON’T want to be touched? Shouldn’t the default option be, “leave me the fuck alone”?

    To put it in terms these idiots would understand, physical enjoyment of one another should be OPT-IN, not OPT-OUT. You don’t want companies to put shit you don’t wanna read in your inbox, right? I don’t want fuckwits putting hands any damn place I don’t want them.

    And I don’t want to have to TELL them that I don’t want them. That should be obvious from the start.

    You know what would be analogous?

    Let’s start a “open-source stick my wet finger down the back of your pants and tickle your asshole project”!

    It’s a non-strictly-sexual part of the body that can nonetheless be pleasureable. Of course the bonus is that these are the sorts of guys who are going to jump and squirm at the thought of anything but toilet paper going within a yard of their rectums.

    Don’t you think that would be justice served?

    And if they don’t want me to start fingering them downstairs, they can wear a giant button saying “NO ASS PLAY, AND NO I DOTH NOT PROTEST TOO MUCH”.

    Fair’s fair.

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