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5 responses to “Friday Hoydens: The Suffragettes In Court [Guest post by baroquestar]”

  1. tigtog

    There were also those who were more into physical action – such as the marvellous Edith Garrud and her ju-jutsu suffragettes! (There’s even a play) They provided physical protection for the speakers of the WSPU against police brutality.


    Mrs Garrud and her trainees provoked this Punch cartoon:


  2. Amanda

    Heh, very cool. I heard the Old Bailey site broke down uner the traffic when the records were first released.

    On a tangentially related note, the excellent Police and Jusice Museum in Sydney has a blog.

    Amandas last blog post..Richard Shindell is a Top Bloke

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  4. blue milk

    How wonderful is this history? Gorgeous!!

  5. Mary Tracy9

    “nice to know there’s a precedent for replying with bugger off, too”

    I LOLed at this! So right.

    Mary Tracy9s last blog post..Something Stinks In Austria

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