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4 responses to “Greenwashing: replacing water use with plastic chips”

  1. tigtog

    Who here thinks that replacing recyclable, renewable resources with plastics is a dandy idea that will save us all?

    I haven’t even heard a single cricket chirping since you posted this. I think that means it’s unanimous – the whole world thinks that this idea is poopyheaded.

  2. Chris Grealy

    About 10 years ago, a conman was flogging something similar around SE Queensland. You just put this plastic block in your washing machine, with no detergent, and hey presto! your clothes are magically clean.

    We declined the opportunity to buy this plastic block off him for $100, but my wife did some graphic design work for him, and he skipped without paying.

    Ever since, I guess you could say that the idea of detergentless washing using plastic has been tainted for us.

  3. Helen

    It just won’t wash.

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