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5 responses to “Ricky Writes Letters: Advocacy is Inaccessible for Some People With Disabilities”

  1. NTE

    I’m so glad you posted this letter – I totally agree that the needs of house/bed bound individuals with disabilites are incredibly overlooked. Also, I love Ricky’s shirts. They’re fabulous.

  2. blue milk

    An impressive letter.

  3. Ricky Buchanan

    For anybody who reads this later, information is posted on my own journal about what happened due to the letter. At least, what happened immediately after!

  4. tigtog

    Ricky, I’m so glad you get to participate in the meeting. Thanks for the update.

  5. Lauredhel

    Oh, thanks for the update, Ricky. It sounds hopeful – things seem to be moving in the right direction, thanks to you.

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