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4 responses to “White babies saving the world, one nappy at a time”

  1. thebewilderness

    I was particularly taken by all those expressions of proper baby gratitude to the benevolent white woman who is subsidizing Proctor & Gamble’s tax write off.

    I can’t help wondering though, if this is who is donating all those expired vaccines to “third world countries”. You know, the ones big pharma just can’t bring themselves to throw away.

  2. Beppie

    Not to mention how much more could be achieved by using cloth nappies and donating the saved money directly. (That’s not to ignore the racist undertones of the message at all either– just to note that using disposable nappies at all is a highly inefficient means of actually doing something about people who live in poverty– since people in poverty tend to be hardest hit by environmental issues).

  3. annaham

    There are no adequate words that I can use to express how this ad fills me with loathing. I also sort of wish I hadn’t read the YouTube comments.

  4. Lauredhel

    Maybe some of the “saved” babies will grow up to become Procter & Gamble’s child coffee slaves. A big win for the company all round!

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