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One response to “Nuance for Dummies”

  1. Lynda Hopgood

    Sorry that I can’t give you a source, but I read somewhere at the time of Palin’s nomination that it was some women on the left side of politics in America who were decrying Sarah Palin for going back to work straight after having her last (disabled) child and that it was the CONSERVATIVES who were championing her right to choose to go back to work, rather than being his full-time carer.

    I remember thinking “WTF?” I wish I’d bookmarked the page, because something about it seemed arse-up. I think in retrospect it was probably a right-wing beat up, because I don’t know of any left-leaning women who would do anything other than support the rights of another working woman to choose to work (not to mention saying three cheers for Palin’s husband’s decision to be a stay-at-home father).

    In the scheme of this rather nasty presidential campaign (especially from the GOP), I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to hear that it was something that had just been made up.

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