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6 responses to “Reclaim The Night, 30 October (and thereabouts)”

  1. Anna

    We had a Take Back The Night a few weeks ago (and, strangely, another one tomorrow – I’m not actually sure why). Here are some photos from ours. We had a pony! And slam poetry! And Radical Cheerleaders! And the Tea Society came! It was really awesome.

  2. hellonhairylegs

    I’m going to the Sydney version. I’ll try and take some photos. It should be fun.

  3. Lianda Gibson

    Hey there

    The Perth info is a little inconsistent(our fault – we were planning to start in the cultural centre but it was all booked out). So we’re meeting outside the train station (Wellington Street) at 7pm for a 7.30 start, then walking through the streets of Perth to Stirling Gardens for a rally at 8pm followed by choirs and acoustic performers and lots of stalls! The event is women and children only!

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  5. Helen

    Unfortunately, due to daylight saving, in Melbourne it’ll be Reclaim the Still Daytime – at 7:30 anyway.

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