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tigtog (aka Viv) is the founder of this blog. She lives in Sydney, Australia: husband, 2 kids, cat, house, garden, just enough wine-racks and (sigh) far too few bookshelves.

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  1. Bene
    Bene at |

    To be honest, I can’t think of eight. I don’t think I’d want eight! I’ve got four:

    – a good-sized apartment in Glasgow’s West End
    – a large penthouse on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (that should be close enough for Mum)
    – a treehouse near a beach on the Pacific–I must admit those cliffs are terribly appealing
    – possibly a wee place in the country in the south of France

  2. fuckpoliteness
    fuckpoliteness at |

    Gaargh!! I haven’t travelled enough to know from experience, but:

    A place up at Kilcare, facing the beach, up high. There’s something really wild and lovely about the beach there, and the cliffwalk, and the views at local walks.

    A loft apartment in New York…hmm…Greenwich Village?

    A terrace house in Carlton.

    In Sydney definately…it’s not so ‘groovy’, but somewhere like Greenwich/Longueville – far enough from the chaos, and close enough to head into the city lickety-split, preferably with a view.

    Greek Island whitewashed place up on a hill near a market.

    Farmyard cottage-y place in France? (jeez, i’m just a walking cliche aren’t I?)

    I’m struggling to get to eight to be honest! Um…

    Ooh, Canada. A walk-up stone place in Montreal?

    Aaaand…um…I now need a leafy mountainy place. America has too many bears/cats for a wuss like me…and I am saddened by my bloody Western-Centric desires here. But yes, a little cottage in Blackheath maybe?

  3. alice
    alice at |

    1) Somewhere near where I am now, in Connecticut (US), but better equipped: a bit more sunny exposure, a garage, a fireplace or three, more space for a good vegetable garden, drainage in the basement so I could easily have a chest freezer (and defrost it).

    2) A cottage in Nova Scotia, on the Fundy coast. It wouldn’t have to be directly on the water, but the bay would have to be visible from the deck.

    3) A pied-à-terre somewhere in southern France, perhaps Aix-en-Provence.

    4) A condo in one of the ski areas in Utah. It would be a great base for summer hiking, and I could rent it out in the winter.

    5) An apartment on Fifth Ave in New York, somewhere around 90th St (museum mile).

    I could get seriously greedy here, but, honestly? Five is stretching it.

  4. Lauredhel
    Lauredhel at | *

    When I’ve seen this meme elsewhere, the primary rule was that the houses all had to be in your country – that seems to have been cut off. So, in that spirit, and this may change tomorrow:

    1. A good-sized house with garden right on the Swan river in Perth, probably in Crawley.
    2. A big holiday place near the beach and wine areas in the southwest – Yallingup, perhaps, or Prevelly. Big enough to invite a few friends and their families; pool, sporting areas, and an expansive covered deck on which to sip shiraz and solve the problems of the world.
    3. Ski cabin. Possibly Falls Creek.
    4. A cosy hideaway in the Tasmanian forests.
    5. A cottage in the Otways, completely surrounded by tree ferns and teeming with glowworms.
    6. A wee city place, perhaps a terrace house, on a Melbourne cafe strip.
    7. A rambling Queenslander in the far north rainforests, perhaps just out of Port Douglas.

    …and that’s about it.

  5. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Ah, keeping it all within one’s own country would definitely be more of a challenge, and a nice way to avoid most of the clichés, too.

  6. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    ooohh, I’d like, Santa please,

    1. A two storey Victorian Terrace in Paddington, Sydney
    2. A stone cottage in the Adelaide Hills
    3. An apartment over looking the beach at Port Macquarie or some place like that
    4. A New York apartment
    5. A townhouse in London
    6. A something in the south of France
    7. That beautiful apartment in Italy that I saw on that show about English people buying and renovating places in Europe
    8. One of the lovely old terracy type places in the backstreets of Athens where I could dig for archaeological stuff in the backyard.

    And if you don’t mind, I’ll keep my current house too. Just drop the keys with address tags in my Xmas stocking. Ta.

  7. MsLaurie
    MsLaurie at |

    Hmm. In Australia…

    1. Fabulous renovated terrace house in Richmond (Melbourne)- all the old style florishes, none of the cracked walls, dodgy plumbing or bodgy kitchens.

    2. A harbour view apartment in the centre of Sydney, with huge windows

    3. An acre or so in Warrandyte Victoria with access to the Yarra, and a wonky arty house.

    4. Something small and sandstone in North Adelaide

    5. An airy, open plan, blue painted beach house in Torquay

    6. Something tropical style in Darwin, with lots of dark wood and louvered windows

    7. An apartment in Kingston or Manuka in Canberra, for occasionally visiting friends.

    8. A stone cottage near the top of Mount Dandenong, to look out over Melbourne.

  8. daiskmeliadorn
    daiskmeliadorn at |

    yep, I’d be happy to come and crash at any of those places, everyone.

  9. Renee
    Renee at |

    I tagged Cara…I’m surprised to see the way this little meme is speeding its way through the blogosphere.

  10. Castles in the air
    Castles in the air at |

    […] at Hoyden about Town choses 8 dream homes, apparently the meme is in reference to the McCains’ eight (or so, no one seems to be […]

  11. Joules
    Joules at |

    I went a little mad…

    1. A self-sufficient eco-house in its own grounds on the edge of Dartmoor. (That one would actually be feasible with a lottery win!)
    2. A traditional Japanese house in its own garden on the outskirts of Kyoto.
    3. The Maldives. Ideally a tiny island all to myself, and a little luxury cabin with all the mod cons.
    4. Either a beach house up near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or a penthouse apartment near the sea in Sydney.
    5. A submarine dwelling off the shores of Madagascar.
    6. A biodome on the moon, right on the terminator.
    7. A self-contained space-station just above the rings of Saturn.
    8. An FTL ship stationed in intergalactic space, about six thousand light years above the plane of M31 and about forty three thousand light years out from the centre.

  12. Deus Ex Macintosh
    Deus Ex Macintosh at |

    Hmm, well I have TWO countries anyway so am going to ignore that requirement and go with…

    1. This beautiful working farm & farmhouse at the top of a Welsh mountain.

    2. A custom-built solar Huf Haus on the Kirra beachfront in Queensland for my Mum (with a little granny flat for my own holiday stays).

    3. A wheelchair-accessible flat in San Francisco – apparently one of the most accessible in the world despite the hills.

    4. My current accessible flat in Edinburgh’s Old Town but given a Candy & Candy renovation/redecoration (I live next to the castle, it’s hard to beat).

    5. An m-house on a couple of acres in Shetland with independent renewable energy systems and a biointensive organic market garden.

    6. A restored brownstone in Brooklyn.

    7. A castle in Transylvania (with extensive woodland for all those stakes).

    8. A villa on the shore of Lake Wansee in Berlin.

  13. Aphie
    Aphie at |

    I can only think of four, as well.

    1. One of those gorgeous, ecologically-designed homes that back onto the rainforest and have views of the ocean in Austinmer/Thirroul (just south of Sydney – go down through the National Park, and follow the coast about an hour)

    2. A renovated terrace in Newtown/Marrickville (Sydney), on one of the side streets, away from the heavy traffic but still close to the action

    3. A place on MontMartre, in Paris. I don’t care where. I really, really don’t. Just, on that hill, please!

    4. A townhouse in the Northeast London. I’m not picky about where, so long as it’s not in a sink estate or a transportation black hole.

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