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7 responses to “Thursday Cheezburger”

  1. Renee

    I cannot seem to post this picture but here is a link to the cutest kitty picture that I have seen in a long time.


    Renee’s last blog post..Maya Angelou On Barrack Obama’s Inauguration Day

    [image magic done ~L]

  2. Deus Ex Macintosh

    Alternative LOLdog.

  3. Deus Ex Macintosh

    Sorry, my photobucket seems to be playing up. I’ll go to the original LOLdog source.

    see more puppies

    [mod note: I prefer the source - there's an embed code there I can just grab. ~L]

  4. Bene

    Because I am nothing if not geek.

    funny pictures of cats with captions
    more animals

  5. Theriomorph

    ha ha ha ha ha

    ALL of these rock.

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