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7 responses to “Peeve Time: “The Obese” as Walking Dead”

  1. Mindy

    Aren’t we all the walking dead? It’s life, no one gets out alive.

  2. su

    Dawn French told a lovely anecdote on Dentonabout the unconditional reinforcement of her worth she received from her father. I guess such loving validation would be considered to be a form of parental neglect now that there is an official policy of fat shaming. I fully expect total morbidity to go up due to an epidemic of major depression, social phobias, body dysmorphic disorders, eating disorders and a myriad of other problems associated with society’s relentless obsession with appearance as the ultimate measure of worth.

  3. The Amazing Kim

    And I like that in all the hatred of The Fat and valorisation of the diet, no acknowledgement that anorexia has the highest morbidity rate of any mental illness. Never mind this dieting culture is promoting eating disorders. Apparently the thinner you are, the healthier you are.

  4. She-cago

    Nice post! I never thought about the placement of the word people when describing PWD or in this case, people who are fat, in this way. It makes a huge difference. Funny how wordage that normally slips under my radar suddenly pops out at me as having a huge impact. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. earlgreyrooibos

    Too bad I’m not afraid of death! The fat-shaming can’t scare me!

    Seriously. “Walking dead?” I’m very ho-hum about it.

    (Okay, full disclosure, I am nowhere near “obese,” but if you look at what happens to people in my family after they hit 25 (even those that have regular exercise habits), well, let’s just say I’d better start psychologically preparing myself now for whatever shaming I’m going to face. Heck, the crap I’m getting from family members from *gasp* gaining a whopping 5 pounds after I got a 9-to-5 job and could afford to eat filling meals indicates that I’m doomed.)

  6. Deus Ex Macintosh

    Hmm, that should be ‘the waddling dead’ surely?

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