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4 responses to “A Dexter moment”

  1. TimT

    I thought for a moment you were talking about Dexter the Friendly Robot from Perfect Match.

  2. Amanda

    SPOILER SPOILER Heh. I had a “yeeeah!” moment with that too. SPOILER SPOILER I was disappointed SPOILER SPOLIER when what happened happened to SPOILER SPOILER Ellen, I was hoping she’d become a kick arse hoyden recurring character.

  3. WildlyParenthetical

    That moment made me tear up. And yes, I’m a sap, but I’m a sap for the recognition and alliances of strong women. :-) I actually kinda love what comes just before this bit too; the engagement with the ambiguities about ‘personal lives’ was rather nice, esp. the compare-and-contrast with Angel.

  4. WildlyParenthetical

    I should say recognition of the strength of women. As much as I have ambivalences about Deb, they depict her as both brittle and steely. It’s a nice mix. And ta for the Hathor Legacy links, I’m reading up right now!

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