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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. Purrdence
    Purrdence at |

    I still rememeber the episode of Murphy Brown where they looked at the way people think that another woman’s hair ( especially’s if they’re famous) is public property and that they should have a say in what a woman does with.

  2. MsLaurie
    MsLaurie at |

    I sing in public when I’m with my brownie guides. Nothing like a rousing chorus of “going on a bear hunt” to get random strangers eyebrows raised.

  3. Louise
    Louise at |

    This also reminds me of the scene from The Simpsons where Selma sings Natural Woman to Jub Jub the iguana. :)

    I’d like to think Patty and Selma count as at least hoyden-ish. I know they’re played for laughs as “desperate and dateless” and ill-mannered, but they’re usually doing exactly what they want to do, and know that even if they’d like to be in a relationship, a bad one’s not worth it, they’re not conventionally attractive and they don’t care, they’re prepared to tell it like it is, and so on.

  4. Anna
    Anna at |

    I sing in public all the time. I often sing (sometimes loudly, but only in non residential areas) on my way home from work in the morning. I sing along to the music I listen to on the walk home from school. I’ll sing when waiting for the bus. I sing songs to Don (not with Don) about history.

    I can’t carry much of a tune, and I’m awful and I don’t care. The only thing better than singing songs in public is blowing bubbles in public. Which I also do, but less, because bubble solution is leaky.

    Purrdence, I totally remember that episode. She “cut” her hair and people freaked out.

  5. Anna
    Anna at |

    Oh! Has anyone here read the Murphy Brown fic “but liquor is quicker“? It was a Yuletide fic a few years back.

  6. mimbles
    mimbles at |

    One of my favourite public places to sing is underground carparks, fun with echo-y acoustics. The kids sometimes join in :) Admittedly it’s not a very public space given that there aren’t often all that many other people around. I also often find myself singing (quietly) when I’m doing the grocery shopping, can’t resist joining in when the shop’s playing catchy songs over the PA.

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Mim, I occasionally find myself not only doing exactly the same, but occasionally discovering another person with a trolley doing the exact same thing! It’s a lovely moment of rapport when a stranger sings along with you in the crackers aisle.

  8. Quixotess
    Quixotess at |

    Ooh, Candace Bergen! It seems as though many women get more and more excellent and admirable as they age, and she’s one of them.

    Boston Legal was such a disappointment for me, because the writing is sharp and clever; the characters, compelling. But even the compromiser in me can’t put up with so much patriarchal sexuality. Eurgh.

  9. the crystal shard
    the crystal shard at |

    She sang a song when she hosted Saturday Night Live!

    Just let me make one thing clear
    it’s gonna be one hot night
    so let me do my thing here
    inside a hot spotlight
    everything will be dandy if you leave it to Candy

    That’s all I remember, but a neon sign came down from the ceiling–dazzling lights spelled “Candy”–and she was in Las Vegas showgirl garb; male dancers were in top hats and tails. They all picked her up a few times. It was great.

  10. Renee
    Renee at |

    I am not familiar with any of her earlier works. I only really discovered her on Boston Legal. When the show descended into the ridiculous she kept me coming back. I love the way she was strong, thoughtful, whole and complete. I hope that now that the show is canceled she will make her way back to television. I miss her already.

    Renee’s last blog post..Fox News Loves The Magic Negro

  11. Fine
    Fine at |

    You might want to check out this Candice Bergen film ‘Starting Over’ in which her horrible singing is a key, comedic plot point.

    She was married to the great French film director Louis Malle, for many years.

  12. Bene
    Bene at |

    I love to sing in public. Fortunately, I’m a bit better than Bergen, but I have to admire her guts–not only the character’s, but also hers herself, to do that on national television.

  13. su
    su at |

    It isn’t public really but I love to sing in the car and I also love noticing other drivers who are singing. I like that feeling of having peeked beneath their public persona for a moment.

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