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19 responses to “Invocation and Benediction: Call and Response?”

  1. Beppie

    I really love this reading of the event. While I certainly don’t think that Obama should get a free pass on the Warren front (and I’m sure you don’t either), the way you’ve interpreted this rings very true. All Warren could produce was a dry and boring prayer– the sort of prayer that (if it’s being said at an event where I’m required to bow my head) makes me want to open my eyes and pull faces. Lowery’s prayer– I felt it. I’m not a believer, but his words inspired respect with no need for the compulsion of social niceties.

  2. Chally

    *claps* I hadn’t thought of that but I’m glad you did.

  3. Chally

    And I have massive issues with the lip service paid in US politics to a seperation of church *coughChristian-centriccough* and state. The whole swearing on a bible thing bothers me – wouldn’t the constitution be more appropriate? That might sound silly to everyone else.

    It really was a marvellous benediction.

    Chally’s last blog post..Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day: the optimistic post

  4. Ruth Moss

    I hadn’t thought about it that way. Thanks for that.

    Ruth Moss’s last blog post..Trans-Friendly Books For Children

  5. daiskmeliadorn


    and hoyden is back! ftw.

  6. tigtog

    hoyden is back! ftw

    Yes, sorry about that gap in availability – entirely my fault! I didn’t update my email address with the domain registration people, so they sent the renewal notice to my old dead email address! Luckily there were only a few hours of down-time while I sorted out renewing the domain registration.

  7. Deus Ex Macintosh

    Amen, reverend. Amen. Amen.

    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..He was acceptable in the 80’s…

  8. Pen

    Oh yes, that benediction is a damn fine speech. Tanks into tractors, amen to that.

  9. daiskmeliadorn

    yep them Hebrew Scriptures got some good shit :)

  10. Curiousities


  11. Maharetr

    Oh, that’s a beautiful reading of events. Amen, indeed. Also, Barack Obama smiling and nodding with his eyes closed, and the whole crowd roaring amen? I could watch that all day.

  12. aztec-rose

    A great comparison. Good bye to the old regime and all its associated ideologies. A new dawn, a new day, a new era, and new hope. AMEN.

    aztec-rose’s last blog post..How do you experience time?

  13. Renee

    I really like your take on the inauguration. To be honest I was so wrapped up in being disgusted by Warren I never thought that he was there representing Bush. It is actually much more comforting to see what occurred that way. I used the time when Warren was speaking to take a much needed bathroom break and I refuse to read a single transcript of what he has to say.

    Renee’s last blog post..When Hyper Masculinity Supports Racism and Sexism In Policing

  14. bernice

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  15. Gwytherinn

    Wow, I want to add that I really like this interpretation too. I was pretty disgusted about Rick Warren being chosen and had only caught the last paragraph of Lowry’s. Reading more here, I think his words are wonderful…. And I love how he actually specified “every man and every woman” which still seems rare to me. It amazes me how it is the direct opposite of US conservative talk radio’s interpretation. I listened to them yesterday and the night of the inauguration and they’ve all been up in arms over Lowry’s “mean” and “divisive” words. It drove me nearly insane.

    Gwytherinn’s last blog post..Yoko Ono: Play it by Trust

  16. slave2tehtink

    Some of the comments on that transcript of Rev. Lowery’s prayer are just…cesspits of racism and hate. Good Lord, I am so ashamed of my country sometimes.

  17. chops

    That really is a joyful prayer. Great post. Thanks.

  18. chops

    Ohhh errrrr…. I just went and read the full transcript again, as it gave me shivers, and scrolled down to read the posts. Hmmm…. awful.

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