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13 responses to “Whoydensday: Fanvids!”

  1. Lauredhel

    I’ve put in your Donna songvid req to the songvid queen cupidsbow.

    Spoilers may be within:

    For those familiar with both ihasatardis and the carameldanssen meme (for others, not so much), this is a coffee-spit macrosongvid (requires LOUD music):

    Jack mpreg crackvid to Papa Don’t Preach:

    And Don’t Stop Me Now, with the Master, by Charmax.

    drwho_Dont Stop Me Now [vidding] – Charmax

  2. Bene

    My fav ever is Calapine’s vid to Carbon Leaf’s “What About Everything?”. It’s a great retrospective and a great song–highly recommended.

  3. Chally

    Those are all wonderful vids! I shall bookmark your post, Beppie. I had no idea that Calapine did videos as well as fic, so thanks, Bene. Here’s another of Calapine’s called “The Fear You Won’t Fall” (Four/Romana).

    Chally’s last blog post..Whovian cool from ‘63

  4. WildlyParenthetical

    Quite simply… awesomeness :-) Esp. mpreg. Ah, Jack, me lad!

  5. Deus Ex Macintosh

    Relativ is going straight onto my iPod…

    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..High Flyers

  6. Lauredhel

    Courtesy of cupidsbow:

    Donna vid: Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Aislynn:

    OMG! – The companions, from Rose onwards by obsessive24

    And Pretty Woman (Donna), by humansrsuperior (no embedding, Ten/Donna ship).

  7. Sophie

    Karma in action: I decide to comment to say thankyou for posting the awesome “Skullcrusher mountain”..and there’s more vids! Woot!

    Handlebars is handsdown my favourite Dr Who vid:

    Though I must be boring and ask: are all these authorised versions? I know some vidders get very annoyed at their stuff being posted to youtube.

  8. Lauredhel

    I believe I’ve checked everything I’ve embedded, and linked back to the vidders’ blog where possible.

  9. Athena

    Oh, no. You sent me looking…
    And then I found this one, which had me in hysterics. (Master/10th Doctor).

  10. Lauredhel

    Oh, Athena, that is a whole world of fun!

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