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6 responses to “Quickhit: Is the WA government going to try to pre-empt Stolen Wages legal action?”

  1. Cara

    Wait, a headstone if they’re dead?

    Am I the only one who finds something about that to be incredibly insulting? I mean, I can’t explain it, it just . . . doesn’t sit right. At all.

    I mean, $2,500 is a pretty paltry sum for what was likely stolen, anyway. But, like, might some of them already have headstones? Might some of them have not wanted them? Might they still have family for whom that money could so some good?

  2. Renee

    2500 dollars seems like a small sum of money to be owed for forced labour. It should not only be about the value of the labour performed but the loss of human dignity as well.
    Of course they only want to give those that are dead a headstone. What they refuse to consider is why people of colour continue to remain globally. For generations we have been unable to pass down wealth through families. Instead of being able to gain each generation we have remained stagnate. The simple ability to purchase a home and pass that down to heirs means that each generation will have more opportunities.

    Renee’s last blog post..Dear Black People WOC Feminists/Womanists Do Exist

  3. Emma_in_oz

    Seriously, a life time of wages plus interest?

  4. Bernice

    Brilliant isn’t it? We’ve got the Helen Hughes’ of the world running about disavowing any potential in the development of the Indigenous economies, demanding instead that Aboriginal Australians should assimilate get with the programme, yet we can’t seem to quite manage to actually give people what was theirs in the first place. It was simply blind theft and the money has to be returned.

  5. Bernice

    Damn – bad html me. Just strike assimilate and read the rest as not.

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