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  1. Beppie
    Beppie at |

    Chally, you’ve definitely made me want to check out her work — she sounds like an amazing woman.

  2. Chally
    Chally at |

    I’m so glad, everyone should read her (although I would like to add that “Bloodchild” might be triggering for some and I’ve only read a fraction of her work, so proceed with caution trigger-wise, everyone). I can lend you a couple of her stories referenced in this post if you like.

    I have to dash but I just wanted to say how nice it is of the Hoydens to highlight the life and work of Ms Butler by offering to bring this post into their space.

    Chally’s last blog post..A Left-Handed Commencement Address

  3. Sophie
    Sophie at |

    I have only one negative thing to say about Octavia Butler and that is that her works can be quite hard to find in Australia! But everything I’ve read of hers has been fantastic. I think she should be much more well known in local science fiction fandom than she is and wish I’d discovered her earlier (I can’t speak for her popularity in America)

  4. Beppie
    Beppie at |

    Sophie — I just did a quick check, and a number of Butler’s books are available from The Book Depository — this is a British online bookstore, but they do NOT charge a cent (or a penny, as it may be) for postage. I often find that, even with the exchange rate, buying a book from there is cheaper than buying it from a bookshop in Australia.

    Chally — I may take you up on that offer of a loan. Perhaps I can loan you “Battlefield” in return? :)

  5. SunlessNick
    SunlessNick at |

    Thankyou Chally.

  6. Deus Ex Macintosh
    Deus Ex Macintosh at |

    I am ashamed to say I’ve never even heard of her. That will however be corrected very shortly.

    Deus Ex Macintosh’s last blog post..Greed is Good(win)

  7. Brigindo
    Brigindo at |

    I discovered Octavia Butler many years ago (starting with Bloodchild) and recently reread all of her work in chronological order. She is as amazing and ground-breaking as you describe her here. She is the first author I give to students and younger friends who are searching for something to read or think they don’t like science fiction. Thanks for the beautiful post.

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  9. Bene
    Bene at |

    I have to second Chally’s recommendation. Great writer, meaningful and powerful work, so much courage to be a black woman in the SF field. Even if you’re not into SF, her writing is accessible and really masterful.

  10. Sophie
    Sophie at |

    Beppie: wow, thanks! Someone recced that place to me recently and I totally forgot to check it out. Cheap, easy, AND they have Octavia Butler…

  11. Chally
    Chally at |

    Yes, Sophie, I second your comment at 3!
    Beppie: I’d like that very much. :)
    Nick and Brigindo: you’re most welcome.
    DEM: yeah, when I first encountered her work, a light went on in my brain. I felt bad about never having heard of her before. I mean, there are heaps of poorly written stories in the world getting lots of attention, the fabulous Octavia Butler should be more widely promoted. I only heard of her through doing research into US-based feminist science fiction communities.
    I couldn’t agree more, Bene! She’s powerful no matter your tastes.

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  13. Bene
    Bene at |

    Sometimes I feel like I haven’t read a lot, but then I went to Feminist SF’s bibliography to make up a list for Chally’s interview questions, and discovered that I had. I should write a whole post on feminist SF in America…I wish I knew what was published elsewhere as I find my readership is fairly global. Although I will say that Australian Justine Larbalestier wrote what I consider the definitive scholarly work on women in SF, and I need to buy a copy.

    Right now I’m reading L. Timmel Duchamp’s first Marq’ssan Cycle book, and it’s sort of on the level of hit you over the head with a brick, a la Sheri Tepper.

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