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7 responses to “Yet another comparison of lactation to the Reich”

  1. Mindy

    Ok, so she’s decided that breastfeeding isn’t the be all and end all of having a child. No problem. She obviously has some issues about feeding in public, no problem there, it’s a personal thing. But why does she have to act like all women who choose to breastfeed have been taken in and brainwashed by some huge industrial breastfeeding complex?

  2. Jill-- Unnecesarean

    Linked by lauredhel!! I feel so honored.

    Jill– Unnecesarean’s last blog post..Eating During Childbirth? Yes you CAN, Says BMJ!

  3. Ruth Moss

    You couldn’t resist… I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist entirely! I wasn’t!

    Ruth Moss’s last blog post..Mothering Sunday

  4. Jill-- Unnecesarean

    OK, I was so delighted earlier that my reaction to “auto-Godwinned” was terribly delayed. That had many levels in this case. Funny!

    Jill– Unnecesarean’s last blog post..Eating During Childbirth? Yes you CAN, Says BMJ!

  5. QoT

    Eve in her natural, feminine state.


    Jesus Christ, I don’t think anything else needs to be said! Screw complex analyses of patriarchy and societal messages about women’s roles, we just need this quote in nine-inch letters on every blog.


  6. weez

    Auto-Godwinning starts with the image of a baby all but sieg-heiling at the top of the article, n’est ce pas? :D

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