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  1. Amanda
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    This is not of the calibre of above, but my usual blogging life (music) rarely directly overlaps with my femostroppo interests so its cool when it does. I was looking into Gretchen Peters who released a very good folk/country album this year with one of my favourite singer/songwriters. Didn’t know anything about her but I recognised the big hit she wrote “Independence Day” (for Martina McBride, who is a big time American country star). The lyrics are to do with domestic violence but the Republicans started using the chorus to introduce Sarah Palin at rallies before the election, which Peters put a stop to but also in response donated all the royalties from the song from then to the election to Planned Parenthood. She also made donations to Pflag, ACLU and others when horrible Sean Hannity started using it in his show. The post is here, nothing special but it just makes me happy when I discover cool crossovers in my sometimes compartmentalised interests!

    There is a video there of her at a Planned Parenthood function which says PP raised more than $1 million USD in Sarah Palin’s name. I knew at the time there was general movement to donate in her name as a protest, but hadn’t seen the final results, so it was good to see that it amounted to such a figure.

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