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5 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader – July 29, 2009”

  1. Anna


    I do have several books with non-white/People of colour on the cover, but they’re all nonfiction. *ponder*

  2. Lauredhel

    My current books –
    – headless statue of no obvious race but flowing robes and probable Euro ancestry
    – squiggly abstract lines forming a black/red/yellow/white tangled circular design
    – pen & sickle insignia
    – blue perfume bottle
    – just title/authors names
    – a bridge
    – a boomerang
    Book just completed: a megaphone

    Hm, maybe I’m just not into people-containing book jackets? That’s only paper books. The audiobook I’m listening to right now has a photo of a black man on the cover.

  3. amandaw

    My husband owns all the books around here. Except the Cornell Book of Cats, that one’s mine. His are all history books. I am just… not a book reader. Not since book-reading was the surface cause of my original college drop-out experience…

    If I were non-US, I’d buy it for the sake of sending that message. Unfortunately…

  4. orlando

    I just saw this at Pursuit of Harpyness:

    It seems to tie in with much that you write about here, and is deeply scary.

  5. tigtog

    Author Justine Larbalestier has managed to persuade (with the help of internet commentary and campaigns) her publishers to change the cover art to show a more accurate rendition of her non-white protagonist.

    Old cover vs new cover:

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