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3 responses to “Video Of The Day: from The Onion on Google and privacy”

  1. TimT


    It didn’t take long for Google to go from being the bright, cheery, quirky company staffed by nerds and geeks, to become the worldwide monopoly not giving a crap about anyone else, did it?

  2. tigtog

    It’s certainly an interesting narrative that’s starting to build around the company, but I wonder how much of it is justified by actual events and how much of it is simply anxiety (and envy from some).

  3. Mary

    Some people from the Free Software space are concerned, in general, about ‘cloud’ issues: vendor lock in (Google is much better about this than, say, Facebook, you can export your mail and docs and calendar from Google in standard formats, try backing up your FB page), privacy, control, ownership issues around comments made by one person in another person’s space, copyright land grabs and assignments and voluntary freeing. They’re all talking at If you’re interested in the software side of such issues it’s interesting to read along there. The mailing list comes with the usual caveats about unvarnished geek conflicts.

    Re competing on privacy, there’s general cynicism among software people that consumers will put their money (business) where their mouth is when it comes to either security or privacy issues. At this stage I largely share it I think: it’s not a great way to differentiate yourself because only a small number of people care, in relative terms.

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