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20 responses to “Macro meme of the week: Kanye interrupts”

  1. Lauredhel

    Two of the standouts from this thread:

    kanye and swayze

    kanye and dumbledore

    [R.I.P. Patrick Swayze. *considers re-renting Dirty Dancing*]

  2. tigtog

    It was amazing how quickly the idea of West interrupting Swayze’s funeral to express a preference for MJ’s funeral spread – at least a dozen comedians that I follow tweeted variations on it almost immediately after the news of Swayze’s death was announced. Sometimes the punchlines write themselves.

  3. Jill--Unnecesarean

    Wow. I don’t believe I’ve actually seen a pic of Rick Astley since I looked as young as Rick Astley looks there.

    I need to get off the Internet but I’m feeling the need to get my meme on. Must… resist… PhotoShop…

  4. Anna

    I have no time for thinking, but I always have time for macros.

    tapestry Kanye LOL

    Katherine Howard Kanye LOL


    Anna, I love yours. I had a brief Moment that Mary Stuart’s beheading was way cooler than Anne Boleyn’s, but then I thought about what Beyonce’s video was really like, and thought it was an apt comparison.

  6. Lauredhel

    From ihasatardis:

  7. Lauredhel


  8. Lauredhel

  9. Mindy

    What is the Claire scene from? It looks pretty horrible.

  10. tigtog

    It’s from Heroes. Claire’s mutant Hero ability is that she can heal from anything, but bad injuries take longer. This time they thought she was dead and started the autopsy, then she woke up and everything healed.

  11. fuckpoliteness

    Tigtog, I LOVE your True Blood macro: mocking Kanye AND Bill’s ‘Sookehhh’ at the same time?! Magnificent! And Lauredhel, miniFP and I enjoyed WallE’s response!

  12. tigtog

    Oh it wasn’t mine – I found it on someone else’s roundup. I should edit the post to make that clearer. (eta – done!)

  13. Lauredhel

    fp: It really needs to be a video macro, so I can get the Arnie voice in there.

    Mindy: My mistake – I was assuming that pretty much everyone would be aware of the opening episodes of Heroes (and chose a fuzzy/partial pic deliberately). What tigtog said – she’s a healing-powers superhero. Straight after this, she zips herself up and wanders off. Except she wasn’t thought dead because she was badly injured; it’s because her injury was a wooden stake to the specific part of the brain that ‘switches off’ people with this particular ability. The autopsy tech pulled the stake out first, then went to do something else.

  14. Mindy

    Thanks for that. I think Heroes was one of those shows that started when the youngest was still quite young and me going to bed at 8.30pm was late.

  15. tigtog

    That’s right – I’d forgotten about the stake to the head part.

  16. Lauredhel

  17. tigtog

    LOL – can’t forget those cheekbones!

  18. Rebekka

    I dunno about that last one… Angel was pretty broody…


    I’m sorry (okay, so not really), but anyone remember that dowdy little book called Interview With A Vampire?

    Louis can out-emo Mr.Sparklepants AND Irritatingly Cross-Classist Mr.Cheekbones on a bad day.
    Kanye’s pop-culture knowledge of vampires is clearly lacking.
    I, for one, am shocked. Shocked, I tell you! XD

  20. tigtog

    Oh noes! Someone has even allowed Kanye West to interrupt this blog! :)

    (via Pharyngula)

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