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10 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader – December 1, 2009”

  1. DeusExMacintosh

    The maguindanao massacre made the MSM in the UK. The BBC included it in their main evening news bulletins, though the sexualised violence against the female victims was glossed over.

  2. Donna

    I’ve heard and read all about the Maguindanao Massacre, but I am half Filipino so I pay more attention to Filipino news than I otherwise would. Since it’s apparently the deadliest ever attack on journalists, though, the lack of coverage in the MSM is surprising.

  3. tigtog

    I expect it probably was reported by our MSM, but it doesn’t appear to have been emphasised the way that it would if that many people had been killed (especially with the political aspect) somewhere in North America or the EC. I tend to check news aggregator sites fairly regularly online, and certainly nothing with the word “massacre” jumped out at me.

  4. Helen

    Funny – there’s been an interesting developoment in Victoria – but I only found out about it through Twisty. (Net reading has been sporadic of late, and it wasn’t in the AGE or on the ABC I don’t think(?).

    Here’s something on Maguindanao.

  5. tigtog

    That one crossed my radar a few days ago, meant to read more about it and maybe blog it, but didn’t chase it. Astonishing how the simple idea of teaching boys that they should not sexually coerce women, that a woman not saying yes to sex with them should have that lack of assent be respected, is presented as feminism gone mad.

  6. Mindy
  7. allie joy
  8. Mark

    ABC News Radio mentioned the Maguindanao massacre, but I only heard a fraction of the report – probably, as you say, far less emphasis than it would get if it occurred in “the West”.

  9. orlando

    Re. the Brisbane Times article: What kind of newspaper gives someone a forum when they have nothing more than “I don’t believe the statistics reported by people who know much more about this than I do, because it doesn’t suit me to”?

  10. su

    I like Violet Socks’ posts. Ridiculing a politician for the class of voter they attract has to be the most self-defeating strategy ever (although it often seems to be overzealous supporters rather than fellow politicians who do this). When faced with a choice between a party of exploitative, patronising but polite silvertails and a party of openly contemptuous sneerers for whom the appellation ‘left’ has become more a class marker than an indication of their convictions, the silvertails will often get the vote.

    Which is why our Julia will someday be Queen of all she surveys : )

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