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13 responses to “Thursday Cheezburger: Defence Mechanisms”

  1. Mindy
  2. tigtog
  3. tigtog
  4. Dave Bath
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  7. tigtog
  8. su
  9. PharaohKatt

    This thread is always the perfect end to a week. Been dealing with so much shit this week (some of it literal :P). Seeing kittehs makes it a little better.
    .-= PharaohKatt´s last blog ..Name and Shame =-.

  10. DeusExMacintosh

    LOLDogs: the ultimate home defence system

    A German Shepherd dog carrying a store dummy's leg - caption: Da burglerz got away but he not runnin too fast
    see more dog and puppy pictures

    a large hound stands at the top of the stairs looking into the camera - caption: the last thing seen by burglar
    see more dog and puppy pictures

  11. DeusExMacintosh

    doberman sitting in car looking into camera with tilted head - caption: CONGRATULATIONS. You just activated the ultimate car alarm system.
    see more dog and puppy pictures

    …or not, as the case may be.

    fluffy canine hindquarters poke out from under a bed - caption: I heared a noise, sound liek burgerlez u go look I wait heer…
    see more dog and puppy pictures

  12. DeusExMacintosh
  13. tigtog

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