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7 responses to “Round up the lawyers! A trans person wants a correct birth certificate”

  1. tigtog

    Very nice job laying out the issues – I keep on needing the reminder that they are so freaked out about the idea of a man giving birth.

  2. Mindy

    Ahhh, that explains their fascination with this man’s genitals.

  3. Sam Bauers

    I’d never thought about the implications of the fact that the SRS requirement forces the sterilisation of the person. The throwback to eugenic principles is really disturbing, and if it is intentional, also misguided.

  4. Curi-Oz

    I don’t understand the eugenics argument. Well I do, but I think it’s pointless, as most of the people I have met who have transitioned in one direction or the other either already have children, or have siblings with children. So it’s not like those ‘dangerous genetics’ are going to be removed from the gene pool by undergoing surgery that may be risky for them.
    There seems to be such a lot of fear of the differences that human beings have that ‘defending the purity’ of the gene pool (however it is conceived) just seems like an incredibly pointless exercise. Surely the greater the diversity, the greater the possibility a richer experience all round?

  5. cheshire

    It is my understanding that you _might_ as a trans man get your reproductive function back, but that it is far from always, Interesting I was warned about the effects of T and asked if I wanted to bank eggs.

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