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  1. Lauredhel
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    In “angry songs about breaking up”, Song For The Dumped by Ben Folds Five springs imm to mind. (Lyrics, with misogynist-language warning; Video, part English and part English-captioned Japanese.)

  2. orlando
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    Hard not to keep coming back to the Beatles for self-absorbed entitlement pitched as an illumination of the human condition. First thoughts for songs under the angry breakup banner: we have the self-rightious “Pamela” the controlling “You Can’t Do That” and the deeply scary “Run for your Life”.

    Without meaning to get off topic, I remember being told a story that Mahommed Ali commissioned composers to write a song to thank his coach, which resulted in “the Wind Beneath My Wings”, which means originally it wasn’t about romantic love at all. Haven’t tried to verify this, I just like the story.

  3. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Even in “Beaches”, WBMW was about friendship, wasn’t it? The whole rest of that movie was, anyway, so I’m assuming.

    It’s just that it’s easy to listen to it as a romantic song too.

  4. highlyeccentric
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    A couple of songs by male artists which strike me as “confessional” – I was about thirteen when they were popular, and felt at once fascinated and voyeuristic:

    Live – Dolphin’s Cry
    The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac (a whole lot of Tim Freedman’s work is deeply personal, right up to the “dude wtf DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR WANKING HABITS” point. He’s also very good at “weird and angry”)

    Most of Silverchair’s early stuff is deeply confessional, in the teenage angsty way – as far as I know, the fact that I wasn’t Daniel Johns or male or anorexic did not stop me or anyone else from identifying with “Ana’s Song/Open Fire”.

  5. tigtog
    tigtog at |


    deeply personal, right up to the “dude wtf DO NOT NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR WANKING HABITS” point

    I don’t know what song(s) you’re referring to, but a shamefaced part of me wishes I did. How marvellously disturbing.

  6. Thal
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    orlando: Or the oh-so-sympathetic and compelling “Baby’s In Black” ( and lyrics at ), or as I think of it, a Nice Guy’s Anthem?

    Hmm, male “storytelling” that would be “confessional” for a woman…how about “Is She Really Going Out With Him” ( and lyrics at, “Brick” ( and lyrics at ), “Your Love” ( and lyrics at, and a lot of “Dark Side of the Moon”?

  7. Zarquon
    Zarquon at | seems somehow so appropriate.

  8. Anna
    Anna at |

    There are a lot of songs about dudes’ wank fantasies. Who did that “I was alone / I was all by myself / no one was looking / I was thinking of you” bit? For bonus, he breaks into her house.

    I compare that to Pink’s “Fingers” and wonder why Pink makes me blush bright scarlet but I catch myself humming the former all the time.

    ETA: It’s also interesting to me that a lot of these songs are quite blatant about being based on real stuff. “Here’s a quarter” and Alanis’ “You Oughtta Know” are both based off bad breakups.

    Other songs that are “universal” but based off male experiences: “Save the last dance for me” and “lady in red”.

  9. Katherine
    Katherine at |

    This is not wholly on topic as I can’t look up music right now.

    Every time I listen to the radio I’m struck by how many songs sung by men deny women agency (or are outright rape-y). I keep hearing lyrics like “I’m going to make you love me” “I’m going to win you over” “you might be running away from me but I’ll get you in the end” (and these are all supposed to sound romantic wtf!) These are all paraphrases btw. I’m coming to the conclusion that very few people actually listen to the lyrics when they listen to music.

  10. attack_laurel
    attack_laurel at |

    Um, everything by John Mayer? And Roger Waters? And Gordon Lightfoot? And Green Day? And…

    Well, every guy in the “men sing soulfully about their self-absorbed lives” category of songwriting.

  11. EmilyBites
    EmilyBites at |

    Sorry people, I know this is slightly off topic, but I was listening to the radio the other day and some stupid teeny song came on, two of the lines of which were ‘Drunk girls like to be seduced/Drunk girls like to make allegations’ (not verbatim, but ‘seduce’ and ‘make allegations’ were in there).

    People often do not listen to the lyrics of songs!!! The radio show host was waxing lyrical about the coolness of this band and all I’m thinking is, WTF?! Now would that song be autobiographical, I wonder?

  12. Lauredhel
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    Emily Bites: It’s “Drunk Girls” by LCD Soundsystem:


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