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8 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader – May 28, 2010 #feminismfriday”

  1. evil_fizz

    The Heavy Girls and Sexy Time post is actually by Silvana. Who is also amazing.

  2. evil_fizz

    Not sure if this went comment through or not, but the Heavy Girls and Sexy Time piece is by Silvana (aka M. LeBlanc).

  3. Sady Doyle

    Hey, just wanted to let you know in case no-one else had: I didn’t write that Tiger Beatdown post. Silvana, one of our contributors, did. We have bylines above and below the post, if you’re ever confused. Would you mind fixing the attribution? I don’t want to take credit for anyone else’s work.

  4. K__

    The TigerBeatdown post wasn’t by Sady – those debunking boots are on Silvana.

  5. tigtog

    oops. My bad on the attribution. Fixing right now.

  6. tigtog

    @Sady Doyle,

    Apologies for the misattribution. The author lines don’t come through in Google Reader – this probably means that your WordPress theme is a bit on the obsolete side, and hasn’t specified those tags.

    I’ll know to double-check by viewing the original post on your blog in future.

  7. K__

    Something to contribute – Flora showed this to me. -it’s a summary of a controversy over Clitoraid, a charitable organization with connections to the Raelian religion, and some prominent sex-positive feminists. I thought it was a well researched post by Violet Blue.

  8. tigtog

    Amanda at Pandagon on the Kendra Wilkinson sex tape (possible TRIGGERS):

    What’s wrong with a man that, when faced with the words “stop”, “don’t”, “no”, “quit it”, or any variation of the above doesn’t immediately turn off the camera and stop the sexual activity? What is wrong with him that he gets off bullying his supposed girlfriend into performing for him, even though she’s clearly opposed to the idea? What kind of evil, twisted fuckhead bullies a woman into sex acts she doesn’t like, comes in her without her consent, and then sells the video—again, without her consent—to a porn studio? What kind of twisted fuckers buy it? Even if all this behavior falls short of the official line between rape and not-rape, I still see a bunch of assholes getting off on the fact that a woman’s consent is compromised.

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