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14 responses to “Whoydensday: Just one more 2010 episode to go!”

  1. Dorian

    It was an excellent episode. I also want to formally register my love for River Song, although the reasons for that show up more in The Big Bang, actually.

    I thought the pre-credits sequence was really audacious, and executed rather better than I would have expected, for something so…sprawling.

  2. Kite

    I quite liked it, for a Moff episode. Might even love it with rewatch value. It certainly had its clever twists and turns.

    LOL!Pawpaw when the Doc & Amy step out of the TARDIS to gawk at the diamond cliff. Tropical trees = budget alien vegetation for a temperate audience.

  3. Kristin King

    Let’s see . . . I thought the graffiti bit was tacky, especially compared to the coolness of her note in Flesh and Stone. I’m tired of the hallucinogenic lipstick. But River made a lovely Cleopatra. Underhenge – the name sends shivers down my spine – I want China Mieville to write a novel with that title. Good misdirection with us thinking there was something inside the Pandorica trying to get out. All in all, loved the episode!

  4. tigtog

    I dunno about any difference in tackiness quotient in the cliff graffiti vs the other message (in The Time of Angels, methinks) – after all, they both said the same thing, just in different languages.

    I also squeeed at the name Underhenge. I luff it.

  5. tigtog

    Just saw The Big Bang (finale) – woot!

    I really really really enjoyed that.

  6. Mindy

    It took a while, but now I’m hooked. Just in time to wait until next year. Dammit.

  7. tigtog

    One of the repeated motifs I’ve seen in commentary about this season is people describing Amy as “having no personality”, which I just don’t see AT ALL.

    Does anybody have a handle on that? Surely it’s not just because her reaction to danger tends to be a quiet and watchful one, rather than a scaredy face or scaredy noises? Not that any other companions dissolve into puddles when danger’s around, and they rise to defensive challenges admirably, but they perhaps display a bit more fear more obviously?

  8. Mindy

    No personality? Are they watching the same Dr Who? I thought the ‘Mr Pond’ bit summed it up nicely.

  9. WildlyParenthetical

    I think perhaps it’s because her reactions to things are not straight-forwardly predictable: sometimes she’s quiet and watchful, sometimes she’s sassing the baddies when she’s most scared. I quite like this bit of unpredictability about her (okay, I’ll be honest, I find her tendency to kiss the Doctor when she’s feeling happy/excited amusing and awesome), but I suspect she’s a bit less easy to ‘get a grip on’ than other companions, perhaps?

    I very much enjoyed the last episode; to be able to weave together all those elements without losing coherence, really (or at least without *explaining* things so they felt… y’know, reasonable-ish) takes a really very good storyteller. I was impressed. And I *really* like the TARDIS being that special wedding *something*; the moment when Amy is reciting it to herself gave me goosebumps, while the ‘late for my wedding!’, announced in her deep-and-throaty put-on voice just made me grin wholeheartedly. I liked that Rory found his own special way of being heroic, and I liked the Doctor’s coding of them both as having ‘waited’ in their own ways. And I adore River Song, all the way through, her smirks and her sass and her bad-ass-ness and her knowingness. I cannot wait to get to know her better :-)

  10. WildlyParenthetical

    Sorry peeps, I’m very tired; take out the ‘without’ prior to ‘explaining’. Sigh.

  11. tigtog

    This little bit of deviantart has been linked to by a lot of geekery sites, but for those who haven’t already seen it: Doctor Hoo

    Doctor Hoo - the eleven incarnations of The Doctor as owls

  12. SunlessNick

    So what does Sylvester McCoy have against Tom Baker’s scarf?

    Amy as “having no personality”, which I just don’t see AT ALL.

    Nor do I. I think a lot of the dislike is simply that she’s not Donna.

  13. tigtog

    I think McCoy is having a Gollum moment – he wantssss it.

  14. Mindy

    I really need to swot up on my Drs. The four in between Tom Baker and Christopher Eccleston are sort of a blank for me. I know one of them was blond with a perm but that’s about it.

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