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2 responses to “Read-ems: Fat Acceptance, Health, Social Inclusion and Self Acceptance”

  1. Katherine

    I don’t love my body because it keeps playing up (more when I am not exercising enough than when I am, but exercising enough doesn’t stop all the problems). Presenting Loving Your Body As It Is ™ as the goal which everyone should aspire to is not helpful. Why should I love my body when it betrays me at every turn? I do not love my body when it is in pain. I do not love my body when it is constantly itchy. I do not love my body when it feels ill. Should I love my body for giving me clear signs that something is wrong, even when I cannot fix it quickly enough to remove the symptoms in a timely manner?

    All the other points in the posts you linked to are good; I’m working on focusing my attention on the exercise I need, rather than the size I am. It’s hard though.

  2. Rebekka

    “I do not love my body when it is constantly itchy.”

    I hear you on that! I’m deeply ambivalent, not about FA per se, but about the “intuitive eating” concept that often comes as part of the FA package, because if I don’t *strictly* control what I eat, I am a mess of constant itching, and my joints ache. And when you add sensory issues to that mix, it’s really difficult to deal with.

    I try not to beat myself up mentally if I slip up, but my body pretty much does it for me, and I do NOT love my body at all when I’m itching all over, or when my fingers and toes hurt.

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