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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. Lesley
    Lesley at |

    Well I think I’ll leave the soapmaking to you – I knew there was alot involved, just not that much. The soaps look awesome, glad you got your mojo back!!

  2. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I feel like I should call Bluemilk over and settle down with some popcorn! This is fascinating, in that ‘I could never do that in a million years, and I would so peek!’ kinda way.

  3. Helen
    Helen at |

    This is… amazing.

  4. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Oh I can cook, it’s the careful measuring, commitment and research that brings me undone. Boiling puddings is about the extent of my commitment and they only need to be topped up once they are put on to cook. Something needing constant attention, apart from children (and now they are growing up I’m not going back!), is all too hard.

  5. mimbles
    mimbles at |

    Wow. Thank you so much for doing this series lauredhel, it’s fascinating!

  6. Sam Bauers
    Sam Bauers at |

    I’m exhausted just from reading that.

  7. becsh
    becsh at |

    Thanks so much for the incredibly detailed posts. I started soaping about 6 months ago and I am ridiculously totally addicted. It’s so great to see your setup and to see the care and pride you take in the art. Thanks for taking the time to do all the photos each step of the way. I know the spoons it takes just to set up all those batches, let alone stopping to set up a photo as well.

    I love your swirls and your use of colour and texture. For me, the best soap looks so good in the moulds that I want to eat it and yours totally has that delectable quality. Looking forward to the next installment.

  8. lauredhel
    lauredhel at |

    Oh, becsh, I didn’t stop to take photos – note my blurry swirly begloved hands! I had an assistant on hand who doubled as photographer. And somehow managed to photograph all that without getting in my way.

    I’m almost always disappointed when I get the soap out of the moulds! I’ve mooostly gotten used to this feeling now, and try to prepare myself for it. It always looks so sort of damp and rough and not what I’m seeing in my head. But once it hardens and I plane and trim it, it’s back to my vision. Much of the time.

  9. blue milk
    blue milk at | *

    So do you only use your own home-made soap now? Not bought soap, I mean.

    Mindy, I would happily eat popcorn with you while watching soap making posts. I may even make the popcorn myself, from scratch, no microwave involved.

    This moment reminds me of my daughter watching Masterchef and loving it and me asking her what dish she would like to create. She responds with some idea involving cake and chocolate and custard and strawberries (maybe it would be a trifle?) and I suggest that we could look up some recipes together and maybe she could learn how to make such a creation. Then she says “or we could just buy cake and custard and strawberries and put that together”. I laughed and told my partner. “See you can’t teach that kind of slackness, you have to inherit that instinct that tells you to buy your way into the solution, those genes are straight from me”.

  10. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Now I want trifle while I watch soap making!

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