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Jennifer is a fat, queer, Chinese/white cis woman who lives in Brisbane. She used to blog quite a bit on livejournal, and these days is known for the occasional scribble on her personal blog at DreamWidth and a reasonable amount of babbling and signal-boosting on Twitter. She's been in blogging hiding for a while, but seems to be back, for now, with some generous new digs.

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8 responses to “On Being Fat in Public, and Beyond Responding to Hate”

  1. Mindy

    to be fat at people

    I love this. Seriously love this.

  2. mimbles

    My response to the Marie Claire debacle, though I didn’t label it as such explicitly, was to post an outfit of the day pic on my blog :-)

  3. tigtog

    Thanks for posting on this. I’ve been reading a lot of the blogospheric reaction, but hadn’t quite marshalled my own thoughts.

    Shakesville has had a series of posts encouraging readers to share their experiences of being body-policed through Fat Hate and Fat Shaming:

    Today in Fat Hatred (Liss’s original post about the Marie Claire article, and sharing a personal experience that is utter WTFucktastic)

    Discussion Thread: I Fat-Shamed Someone

    Discussion Thread: I Was Fat Shamed

    Discussion Thread: When Fat-Shame Didn’t Stop Me

    Discussion Thread: When Fat-Shame Stopped Me

  4. Ariane

    The very large audience that this thing has got has been something of a positive in my little corner of the ‘verse. I’ve had the opportunity to have really positive conversations with people who would never have been able to look past the fat (their own or others’) before. Sometimes seeing something so blatant is exactly what people need to realise how wrong everything they’ve been living with is.

    I’m focussing on the positive in a more general way for NaBloPoMo too. I’m feeling the need for lots of feel good vibes. Thanks for sharing some.

  5. Samantha

    “We are worth more than that.”

    AGREE AGREE AGREEE AGREEEEE :) Great post from an amazing woman herself :)

  6. Kaiti

    Hi Jennifer,

    I love this post! Especially the part about women mis-reading you as white or straight. People’s perceptions are very interesting.

    To be honest, I used to be very judgemental about people being obese, until I figured out that it had to do much more with how happy I felt in my own skin-something I’m still working on. So now rather than looking at body shape, I look at how happy the other person looks. If they look unhappy, I judge that instead. (Wouldn’t you know, I can only cure one judgement at a time, but I AM working on it)

    My point – for the women that respond angrily, of which there are many, the article probably hit a nerve. For the rest that have been supportive and have offered open minded perspective, like yours, congratulations, you make me proud to be woman, size and weight notwithstanding.

  7. lauredhel

    Kaiti: Here’s some material for you to be getting quietly along with: Smile! (Your Face Is Making People Unhappy) by s. e. smith at Feminists With Disabilities

    Jennifer, I love this article. I’ve been reading some of the USAn footage and discussion of the Tea Party rallies, and been just disgusted with the hatred expressed toward “fat people on scooters” – who are, a priori, apparently, according to self-identified progressives, lazy, gross, bigoted, greedy, gluttonous, faking disability, and a whole host of other mortal sins. (I briefly went to go look for the link, but stopped when I got to “Whenever I see a fat person on a scooter, I have the urge to crash a cart into them and tip them over like a cow.” Go google “fat people on scooters” if you really want to know.)

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