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8 responses to “Video: Learning Gender from Ads for Toys”

  1. hannah's dad
  2. tigtog

    @hannah’s dad, thanks for the JG SexismWatch submission, always appreciated. I do however have a minor problem with how you let me know – that link is not on-topic for this thread about the gender binary stereotypes in toy marketing. I get quite anticipatory when I see someone’s left a comment on a post, wondering how they’re going to engage with the topic, and it rather sours my mood to have that anticipation deflated by an off-topic post.

    Next time could you FYI me stuff on an Otterday or a Femmostroppo thread, where diverse link-dropping rules the day?

  3. Jason

    Brings to mind this Boy Toys/Girl Toys SMBC comic.

  4. tigtog

    @Jason, that’s worth embedding:

    3 panel comic: Panel 1 is called Boy Toys and shows a boy holding a big box of stuff - a voice off says

  5. tigtog

    I was also reminded of the story about the girl who was being bullied for liking Star Wars toys, and the brilliant response from the online community.

  6. blue milk

    tigtog – thanks for this post and also for the link to the story of the girl bullied for liking Star Wars toys – awwwww to that link. I felt such a bittersweet mixture of sad and proud when I read about her.

  7. PharaohKatt

    I am reminded of this video:

    I often wonder how I’m going to fare at countering sexist advertising and stereotyping when I eventually have kidletts. On the one hand, I don’t want my kids believing that their lives are limited by gender (or to one gender). On the other hand, I don’t want to be that mean parent who takes all the princess toys and GI-Joes.

    I’m getting a bit of practice at work, though. I find that toddlers are more than happy to wear dresses, play rough, build, cook, nurture, destroy, regardless of whether they have a penis or vagina.
    But then they get into the kidney room and suddenly it’s a swath of “boys toys” and “girls toys”, teasing those who don’t conform (yes, at 3,4,5 years old!). Suddenly the PMs are rough, the PFs are quiet. And suddenly “you’re a girl!” is an insult.

    When I say suddenly, I mean it. It happens within days of leaving my room. :(

  8. tigtog

    @PharoahKatt, your experience of toddlers mirrors my own (although I was never an early education worker), and isn’t it horrifically sad that one of the first “big kid” things they learn to do is to widen the gender gap?

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