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5 responses to “Femmostroppo Reader November 24, 2010”

  1. tigtog

    oh dear, so many links. Looks like I really should have sent a linkfest out yesterday before I got started reading posts for today!

  2. Julie

    Thank you for aiding my procrastination in a very boring day at work! (Seriously! I think it’s taken two hours for the clock to move 40 minutes!)

  3. Politicalguineapig

    The fifth link down doesn’t work. I’m not sure if that’s you or the blogger.

  4. tigtog

    Hm – Violet Socks seems to have unpublished that post.

  5. tigtog

    Just went and checked the post as it was published to my feed-reader – maybe she hadn’t quite finished with it and published it by accident when I caught it the first time around. Anyway, she was linking to Sarah Palin’s Facebook (where she does a lot of her broadcasting of her positions) and Palin’s An Open Letter to Republican Freshmen Members of Congress.

    It’s a pastiche of populist slogans all based around the nastiest I’ve-got-mine-the-rest-of-you-can-go-to-hell streak of American Exceptionalism (y’know, the one that simultaneously says Leave Me Alone To Mind My Own Business But Don’t You Dare Do Anything Over There That I Don’t Like)

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