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Mary is a Sydneysider, a mother, a feminist activist for women in tech, and an erstwhile computer scientist. She co-founded a women-in-tech non-profit, the Ada Initiative, where she presently works. Mary also writes for Geek Feminism, and, when there's no other suitable venue, for her own blog

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  1. tigtog
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    crivens! is one traditional cry/expression of the Wee Free Men, or pictsies, who are characters in Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching novels, and is usually used to express a sense that things are not going quite smoothly in one way or another. Things often do not go all that smoothly in the vicinity of the pictsies.

    I’m a bit lost on the others.

  2. Politicalguineapig
    Politicalguineapig at |

    Worst shoe ever: Crocs or Uggs. I have never owned a croc, but I think I’ve owned an ugg or an ugg clone. Zero arch support, and the boot flops all over the place.

  3. Stephan Zielinski
    Stephan Zielinski at |

    This page reports an incidence rate of placenta accreta of one in 2500 pregnancies, with a case fatality rate of 7%.
    Women’s Health and Education Center – Obstetrics – Placenta Accreta

  4. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Three comments, three questions answered. What awesome Hoydens we have around here!

  5. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Awesome indeed, Mindy – although I have to take issue with the Crocs/Uggs characterisation.

    Crocs have arch support, are also rugged and easy to clean and comfort in spades. They’re an excellent multi-purpose leisure shoe – I can hardly get my daughter out of hers! That some people hate the look of them is their problem.

    Uggs are not designed for walking in. They are designed for keeping warm around the house in, and for that they are awesome.

    I suspect that what brought the ‘worst shoes eveeeer’ searchers to HaT would be the posts on the Heelarious Heels for Babies. Do a search on Heelarious above to see what I mean.

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