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16 responses to “Otterday! And Open Thread. (Xmas talk allowed)”

  1. tigtog

    Merry Christmas everybody!

    So far the threatened rain is looking not that likely, which is good news for a family gathering planned around an outdoors meal :)

    Have a good one, all.

  2. orlando

    Finally a bright day here in Wellington. Have a happy yuletide, all you lovely Hoydens, and I’ll see you back in Sydney in 2011.

  3. tigtog

    BTW, I think this squirrel is looking for its pressies:

    squirrel with head buried in a flurry of snow created by its digging forearms, tail standing tall

  4. Rebekka

    Aiee, squirrel tail!

    Santa has been and left squeaky toys for the pugs, and bones, and chicken wings for the cat (who sadly can only really lick them and toss them about as he only has six teeth left). And i have yet to get a single work email – hurrah!

  5. SunlessNick

    Have a good one all.

  6. The Amazing Kim

    Santa’s been good to our pets too – the dog is very happy with her squeaky toys, and has concluded that her joy shall be measured in decibels. The cats said “Pfft, why would we want specially-bought organic rabbit legs for our breakfast?” and ate the sticky-tape off the presents instead.

    I’m doing Christmas dinner this year, and it’s my first time ever roasting a chicken. Part One (the chicken is dead) is going well, but Part Two (the chicken is cooked) and Part Three (the chicken is delicious) are less certain.

    Good luck to all the cooks out there tonight!

  7. Rayedish

    TAK the first time I hosted Xmas dinner for the family (about 12years ago when I first moved out of home) I managed to bake the chicken upside down. When I pulled the baking dish out of the oven it took me a minute to work out why it looked so strange. It still tasted ok and now the story is a part of family lore.

    This year we are having a makeshift Christmas in Cairns (a long way from home). Aside from the cyclonic weather we aren’t doing too bad a job of having a festive time. Santa managed to find us so the kids were content.

  8. mimbles

    We cooked a turkey today, never done that before. Apparently it turned out ok – there certainly wasn’t much left after the 17 family members had been at it :-)

    Clara (staffy-x) got a new squeaky/tug-o-war toy which she had managed to dismember before lunch in protest at being banished downstairs because my sister was worried about her 1 year old being in close proximity to the dog. By the end of the day Clara had wrangled her way back into the centre of family activity and my niece was sitting on the floor happily playing within arm’s reach of the terrifying beast. So that was nice. Then we threw giant microbes at each other for a while.

    The rest of the day was pretty nice too, my family has its faults but we do seem to rise to the occasion and manage to enjoy each others’ company now and then. The 9 cousins all had fun – there was a nerf war going on in the cul-de-sac at one point and the trampoline got a good workout :-)

  9. Meg Thornton

    Seasonal (or unseasonal, recipient’s choice) greetings to all the Hoydens and Hoydenizens, and best wishes for the coming year. A big thank you to TigTog for maintaining the site, and a big thank you to all the people who contributed content. It’s been a blast reading.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  10. tigtog

    We had a lovely family day yesterday. My garlic prawns roasted with fetta & cumin and served with rocket & lime juice were a hit, even with the little glitch of originally setting the oven to “Fan Bake” for 20 minutes and ending up with mildly warm prawns only because Mum had forgotten to tell me that that setting was out of order. Another 20 minutes later on the plaing “Bake” setting and the properly roasted combination was being wolfed down. We started with oysters, my brother made tandoori lamb chops, my sister did a huge baked ham, mum did her super duper potato salad and then forgot to serve it with the main meal (never mind, it made a great supper, and we had plenty of other fresh salad). And there was much wine and gins with tonic. Burp.

    Today is quiet around the house, listening to the drizzle this morning and letting the kids get all the gaming time they want for today. Probably watch a few new DVDs later.

  11. tigtog

    Oh, and I meant to append this link from Sociological Images – they’ve trawled their archives for a whole heap of Xmas related stuff. Good reading.

    From Our Archives: Christmas

  12. Kirstente

    Merry Christmas!

    Our cats got a catnip filled toy. One of them really liked it, and spent a good while sitting on it in order to defend it from the other cat. It seems to have disappeared now, I suspect hidden behind the sofa.

  13. tigtog

    Merry merries, Kirstente! How’s the weather holding up for you over there? Are you surrounded by snow or do you just have nasty freezing fogs?

  14. Kirstente

    There’s still a bit of snow on the ground here, and the pavements are very icy. I’m quite excited that it might get above freezing today. I’ve had to do a fair bit of travelling round the UK in the past week, andI’m feeling very lucky that I haven’t got stranded anywhere in the snow, so far at least.

  15. Mary

    Very tired after two flights with an eleven month old in less than 72 hours. It’s not so much the actual flying (he seems to enjoy it) as the surrounding hauling of nearly 30kg of bags on and off trains, buses and trams. Very much not looking forward to doing this with him and no other adult(/pack animal) for a trip to Brisbane in January.

    It was pretty cold in Melbourne, and Christmas stuff was rather low key. We had a Christmas picnic in a park on the St Kilda foreshore. I have more new CDs than I’ve had in a while! And the baby has exactly as many hand-sized noisy things (rattles, squeezy things, bits of wood to bang together) as he should. I think my largest single present is some money so we can go scuba diving for a day.

  16. tigtog

    Happy New Year to you all!

    (I think Sydney finally went truly too far this year – when you can’t actually see the Harbour Bridge for the cordite at the end it kinda sorta tends to bugger up your great fireworks finale.)

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