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  1. tigtog
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    A nice summary in comments at LP of the current state of global weather variations versus actual climate change as amateurs point meaningfully at heavy snowfalls in the UK and USA:

    As for where the warm weather’s gone, the answer is Greenland and much of Arctic Canada, which has been considerably further above normal than northern Europe has been below (the UK will come in around 4-5 degrees below normal for December; significant parts of Greenland and Canada are 10 degrees or more above). It doesn’t exactly have the impact of a few centimetres of snow at Heathrow (or a lot of centimetres of snow in New York), but two of the main northern Canadian observing sites, Baker Lake and Rankin Inlet, recently reached 0 for the first time ever in December. A Greenland site reached +17 in the last week of November.

    Global temperatures for 2010 are likely to either just break or just miss a record – unlikely to be more than 0.02 degree in it either way. Out of 23 global regions only one, northern Australia, was running below normal for the year as of the end of October (northern Europe will probably join it once the December numbers are in). Seven of the 23 regions were running highest on record; four out of the five in Africa, plus south and central Asia and Greenland/Arctic Canada.

  2. tigtog
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    P.S. And there’s a “heatwave” in Moscow – temperatures 20 degrees above normal have meant that instead of dealing with their usual heavy but dry powder snow, they have instead been dealing with sleety rain and everything iced over, which they are not used to at all.

  3. Julie
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    Actually we are getting all your warm weather. Most of this week has been just below 40DegC AND humid. Stifling is one way to put it.

  4. tigtog
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    Now Julie, warm weather in other parts of the world doesn’t count to the deniers when it’s cold in Important Places! Any seasonal variation at all still happening obviously means that Global Warming is a Big Fat Lie!

    Or something like that. It’s hard to follow what passes for ‘reasoning’ with that crowd.

  5. Julie
    Julie at |

    Yes. And of course, Western Australia Does Not Count (at least as far as the Government is concerned), when talking about global warming. Because being in drought for more than a decade is somehow less important, than the much shorter drought over east *sighs*

    If only we could get some of that rain over here.

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