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Mary is a Sydneysider, a mother, a feminist activist for women in tech, and an erstwhile computer scientist. She co-founded a women-in-tech non-profit, the Ada Initiative, where she presently works. Mary also writes for Geek Feminism, and, when there's no other suitable venue, for her own blog

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  1. Helen
    Helen at |

    It’s sad to see it go, but I am happy that it introduced me to a lot of “new” (as in, new to me) writing, and that I can still keep following those writers wherever they might be.

  2. Helen
    Helen at |

    Oh, forgetting my manners – Thank you, FWD!

  3. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    FWD taught me a great deal, especially about where I didn’t even realise I had some baggage needing unpacking.

    Thanks, FWD.

  4. Napalmnacey
    Napalmnacey at |

    I’ll miss new posts from FWD, it was a great blog. I’m glad it’ll be an archive, though, it’s handy to be able to point people there when I can’t be arsed explaining something 101 to them.

  5. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    I liked the Dear Imprudence posts and also the Ableist Word profile posts. Although the blog was not necessarily to educate CAB’s, it did a lot of that as well for which I am grateful.

  6. WildlyParenthetical
    WildlyParenthetical at |

    Congratulations to the FWD crew for a quite amazing achievement. I know it’s had its ups and downs, but your contribution to the progressive blogosphere has been amazing. I remember FWD’s beginnings, and the hopes that you, and other people around you, had for the blog, and I think you’ve surpassed them. It will be sorely missed, of course, as a space for conversation, but it will be a very very useful archive. Given that I’ve been a little bit random in my blogosphere reading of late, I’ll have to have a think about which posts I particularly liked – though the Justified Abortion one linked to above by Mary lingers in my memory….

  7. blue milk
    blue milk at |

    Yes, an absolutely amazing blog. And it was thrilling to see how fast it spread across the feminist blogosphere – it came to be and suddenly everyone was talking about it and linking to it. That team really, really lifted the profile of disability rights in the feminist sphere.

    I learnt so much from those writers. Thank you to all involved.

  8. Liz
    Liz at |

    I enjoyed FWD and admire all its writers very much. They’re my heroes!

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