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tigtog (aka Viv) is the founder of this blog. She lives in Sydney, Australia: husband, 2 kids, cat, house, garden, just enough wine-racks and (sigh) far too few bookshelves.

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  1. Helen
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    Here’s a thing: Germs writes an article and the comments, for the most part, are (as at time of writing) respectful!!!

    Imma off to the fainting couch now!

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Democracy Now has a fascinating article about Glenn Beck characterising an academic named Frances Fox Piven as a demon on the left, by his lies about what she has actually written re giving the poor in America a political voice – he says that she is calling for violent and bloody revolution when she writes about getting the poor registered to vote, FFS. His flying monkeys don’t ever bother to read what she’s actually written, of course: they just go straight to the death threats.

  3. dylan agh
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