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  1. Beppie
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    I disagree about the US Being Human (which is actually Canadian, though set in the US). While it doesn’t quite have the spark of the UK original, it did do some things very well — they’ve handled the vampire mythology a lot better, and I thought the story worked quite well. The first episode hour also had more positive queer content than the entire two seasons of the UK version.

    So — while I doubt it will replace the UK version in my heart, it’s definitely something that I’m not going to give up on.

  2. maharetr
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    Just an FYI, the Movies link goes to a locked LJ entry. The unlocked DW entry is here:

  3. tigtog
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    Thanks for the headsup, maharetr. I should probably rejig my subs to point to the dreamwidth account, too.

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